Gateway Ophthalmology- A New Beginning

I am very excited to write the first newsletter for my new practice, Gateway Ophthalmology.  I chose the name Gateway because our mission is to provide all of our patients a path to better vision.  Gateway is also a nod to our old company, Seneca Eye Surgeons named for the Seneca Indians who were the keeper of the gateway to the west among the 6 Indian tribes.

Ophthalmology continues to be a cutting edge specialty that really makes a difference in people’s lives.  From lasers to lenses our commitment at Gateway is to bring the advances in Ophthalmology into our offices and out to our community.

A recent study showed that cardiac care and cataract surgery have made the largest differences in our patient’s lives over the past decade.  At Gateway, we strive to raise cataract surgery to its highest level and strive for the best outcomes for our patients.  We continue to monitor the industry for the best monofocal and multifocal implants that will work best for our patients.  This is backed up by 22 years of cataract surgery experience with a mastery level of well over 10,000 hours of operating room experience.

Macular degeneration continues to be a major cause of vision loss and at Gateway we are committed to bring all modalities to bear to preserve our patients best vision.  We have been providing diagnosis and treatment of macular degeneration including injections over the past 10 years.  This service has made it very convenient for many of our elderly patients and saves them and their families much travel time out of town to receivefrequent treatments for this disease.

From the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to the recent increase in hospital mergers and practice acquisitions, the practice of medicine is certainly changing.  A recent study cited in the Wall Street Journal has shown that these changes might not be in the patient’s best interest.  The study showed something that every patient knows, that the doctor-patient relationship is still the most important factor in good patient care.  At Gateway Ophthalmology, our staff’s warm, familiar relationship with our patients is very important to us and translates into excellent patient care.

Even though I am the sole owner of Gateway Ophthalmology,  I can not provide our patients excellent care without a fantastic staff.  I have high praise for our Optometrists, Opticians, front desk staff, billing staff, and our technicians.  We have all worked together for many years and bring a “family feel” to our practice.  At Gateway, my team will continue to provide advanced eye care to our patients by maintaining the highest standards of certification and the most advanced technology in the country.


Tim OBrien